Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shady's gone to camp!

Well he's gone.  The house is quiet, Buster is sleeping and there is no nagging presence right at my side.  Shady has gone to Misty Pines Dog Camp in Wexford, PA for a vacation.   When I took him there the lady working the counter took his leash and led him into the back and he didn't even look back at me.  I guess he knew he was going to have a great time.  We got him a half day of play time with other dogs his age and size and also got him cuddle time for everyday since he's such a love mooch.  I hope he has fun playing with other dogs and lounging in his personal room.  They even play them music and they each have their own drinking fountain.  You can check out just how spoiled he will be at the Misty Pines website.

Hope he doesn't miss us too much.

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